Thursday, May 11, 2006

Entorno: Grass grows greener on the other s

Opening Reception: Friday, April 28, 2006 from 6pm-10pm

April 28-May 20, 2006

"ENTORNO: GRASS GROWS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE" explores an united response to "environment" by re-examining Chicago’s architectural and physical spaces, public policies, political referendums and urban culture, moreover it tackles the dynamics of Chicago’s race and class structures. Artists, community activists and scholars will use different formats: installation, sculpture, video, photography, mixed media and painting. From comical satires to specific cultural examinations, the artistic responses have agency expressing the opinion and voice of exhibiting artists. This exhibition is coordinated by Polvo's founders: Elvia Rodriguez-Ochoa, Miguel Cortez and Jesus Macarena-Avila.

D. Denenge Akpem
AREA Chicago
Amy Castaneda
Citizenship and Voter Training School (CIVITAS)
Miguel Cortez
Anida Yoeu Esguerra
Little Village Environmental Justice Organization
Jesus Macarena-Avila
Naomi Martinez
Mess Hall
PERRO (Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization)
Elvia Rodriguez-Ochoa
Bernard Williams

1458 W. 18th St 1R
Chicago, IL 60608

See Photos from the show HERE

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