Tuesday, May 23, 2006

hunger strike: immigrant activists in Pilsen

I want to inform you on a hunger strike with immigrant activists: Elvira Arrelano and Flor Crisostomo since May 10th, 2006. Please help them to spread the message to the Bush administration about calling "an immediate moratorium on raids and deportations and the seperation of families until Congress fixes its broken immigration laws".

You can help and support them by many ways, first, by coming and sharing your energies to them or by the following:

1. Helping with megaphone in the street, since many of the protestors are fasting, their energies are low.

2. Supplying bottled waters or hot tea, maybe you can get to sponsor this yourself or find donations.

3. Going on 18th street to pass out fliers around spreading the word about the hunger protest.

4. If you are an artist or a poet, they want to plan for Friday a visual and sound manifestation.

5. If you a journalist or photographers: please support the cause by documenting and spreading the word out.

If you can help with any of these, please call Victor Arroyo 773.403.3637 otherwise one can find them at:

Plaza Tenochtitlan: located in the corner of loomis, Blue Island street and 18th streets

This week's schedule is:

Tuesday, May 23: 12 noon until 8 night

Then starting Wednesday, May 24: 12 noon until Tuesday, May 30, they will be sleeping outside at the plaza.

Then will be a mass protest on Thursday, June 1: 8 am to 4 PM 55 E. Monroe, corner of Wabash and Monroe.

Thank you for your support!

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