Monday, May 22, 2006

Mirtes Zwierzynski and Rebecca Wolfram

End of May: Mirtes Zwierzynski and Rebecca Wolfram

mini-exhibit: Esperanza Zabala (Salamanca, Spain)
flatscreen DVD: Lucreccia Quintanilla (Melbourne, Australia)

Opening Friday May 26, from 6pm-10pm

May 26 - June 17, 2006

The show titled "End of May" brings together two artists who have collaborated over the years and have exhibited most recently in Oaxaca, Mexico. Mirtes will exhibit her most recent 2d work and Rebecca will do an installation based on the song "Delgadina", a ballad about a woman whose father, a king, wants to sexually abuse her; she refuses and is put in prison where she dies of thirst.

Rebecca Wolfram was born in Oregon but has been a painter in Chicago for a long time: some twenty-five years. She was a founding member of the Axe Street Arena collective, active in the 1980s. During its existence this group brought together diverse political and artistic communities in a variety of cultural activities. She usually paints with oil on traditional canvas or other surfaces, and has exhibited in numerous venues over the years, in solo, two person and group exhibits.

Mirtes Zwierzynski is an artist and educator with over twenty years of experience creating and implementing public art programs focused on urban and educational development. Extensive exposure developing community based participatory research art projects and in organizing workshops and training activities for teachers and cultural activists. She is an active member in the Chicago Public Art Group. Her work has been shown at places like Aldo Castillo Gallery, Prospectus Art Gallery, The Ukrainian Instute of Modern Art and countless other spaces.

1458 W. 18th St. 1R
Chicago, IL 60608
Hours: Saturdays from Noon-5pm or by appointment

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