Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Made in Pilsen

Made in Pilsen
a group exhibition of 23 Pilsen Artists

Opening Reception Friday October 20 from 5pm-10pm
thru December 22, 2006

Artists: Jesus Acuna, Saul Aguirre, Montserrat Alsina, Tim Arroyo, Rahmaan Barnes, Miguel Cortez, Roberto Ferreyra, Felipe Figueroa, Esperanza Gama, Maria Gaspar, Maria Layus, Jeff Abbey Maldonado, Mark Nelson, Ana Zoila Ojeda, Jose Luis PiƱa, Eufemio Pulido, Alejandro Romero, Abel Sanches, Pablo Serrano, Diana, Solis, Gerardo Villareal, Rebecca Villareal and Christopher T. Wood.

Prospectus Art Gallery
1210 W. 18th St.
Chicago, IL 60608


Anonymous said...

why the windows of the gallery are closed when the gallery is aparently open?
I think this show is very good.

lapsus5 said...

yeah i don't know why he doesn't open the windows...stange dude