Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Goin' Mobile

Goin’ Mobile

Out in the woods or in the city
It's all the same to me when I'm driving free
The world's my home
When I'm mobile
Going Mobile, The Who

Inspired by The Who song of the same name Goin’ Mobile is an on-the-road inspired traveling exhibition that investigates the literal sense of travel—point A to B, beginning to end, start to finish, back and forth, one way and dead ends—Goin’ Mobile ventures in every direction to guide the viewer on a trip to those familiar and unknown places along our traveled and explored routes.

Featured Artists:
Adam Blumberg (New York, NY)
Min-Tse Chen (Beijing, China)
Mark Hogensen (San Antonio, TX)
Michele Monseau (San Antonio, TX)
Tao Rey (Miami, FL)
Mark Schatz (Houston, TX)
Ethel Shipton (San Antonio, TX)

Kimberly Aubuchon, Founder and Director, Unit B (Gallery), (San Antonio, TX)

Adam Blumberg’s photographic works explore travel by way of bicycle. Traveling back roads, Blumberg doesn’t take for granted the road less traveled. Min-Tse Chen’s drawings wander down roads and pathways that suggest no end but only a contemplation of what is. Mark Hogensen’s vibrant paintings are abstract views of rural roads and highways as architecture. Michele Monseau’s video walks you along a residential street passing by the passers by. Tao Rey’s street signs provide friendly reminders on the crowded highway known as life. Mark Schatz gives miniature sculptural examples of various routes via arranged childhood travels. Investigating the history of highway systems, Ethel Shipton’s wall sculptures entertain how these systems serve our needs and how motion dictates the shape of our landscapes.
Paying special attention to the driver’s seat view of landscapes in our daily and worldly travels, Goin’ Moblie is a memoir to places we expect to know.

Also this month's Mini-Exhibit: Amy Mall

Opening Friday November 16, 2007 from 6pm-9pm
November 16 – December 15, 2007

1458 W. 18th St., 1R Chicago, IL 60608

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