Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Deadline Projects


One night only.

Bigger Than Your Life
A one-night art event not to be missed: Deadline Projects's one-year anniversary show!

Deadline Projects is proud to present Bigger than Your Life, a multi-media one-night art exhibition. This time around, Deadline Projects attempts to grapple with ideas that are bigger than our brains can handle and make sense of them using installation, print, painting, photography and sculpture.

We're all surrounded by things and concepts that are huge and unknowable in their entirety. The Iraq war is one example- it's so much bigger than any one person at this point, and as a single human we can have difficulty approaching the subject in a workable way. Or, technological progression- it moves so fast and touches so many parts of our lives, but the average person has very little input to direct and control it. We get caught up in these events and ideas without comprehending fully their true meaning, and the most common course of action is to ignore large parts of the problem and simply deal with what's in front of us.

Michael Una is building a radio transmitter to beam voices into space, ensuring that some part of the show's audience lives on forever in the vast heart of the universe. Sarah Perez takes on Debt – something that usually falls outside of our understanding in its ever expanding and seemingly unconquerable nature by making a sculpture that uses her own money -literally. Gretel Garcia and Una will be collaborating to create an installation made out of multiple digital clocks that will be programmed to flash 12:00 simultaneously – reminding us that time is always at our back. Others like Shawn Stucky and Marc Salha will be tackling issues of politics and religion in the prints and paintings. Yet some like nikki hollander put pop culture and the paparazzi under her scope – an issue so inane yet unavoidable these days.

Participating Artists:
Arielle Bielak
Gretel Garcia
nikki hollander
Damien James
Blake Parish Lewis
Sarah Perez
Holly Sabin
Marc Salha
Stephen Shapiro
Shawn Stucky
Kyra Termini
Michael Una
Musical performances by www.momentsound.com

Deadline Projects is proud to announce that its anniversary show is sponsored by Chicago's own Goose Island Beer Company! We thank them for their support of the local arts community.

Cost: FREE!
Official Site: http://www.deadlineprojects.com

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