Tuesday, July 08, 2008

unseasonable: Tania Kupczak

unseasonable: Tania Kupczak
Opening Friday July 18 from 6pm-10pm

july 18 - august 16, 2008

For our July show Antena will showcase the work of Tania Kupczak, an artist currently living in Seattle. She received an MFA in visual art and digital media from Vermont College. From her art statement: “The central motif in this current body of work is the imprecision of truth. This impossibility of specific interpretation is the great disappointment of science, where the edges of knowledge quickly come into focus. From my academic background in the natural sciences, I have been exploring the process of scientific observation. Manifested as large acrylic paintings on polypropylene, these system maps reference meteorology and the graphical elements that accompany forecasts and describe patterns of movement. They share a visual commonality with flow charts, but these maps are momentary, representing possible futures and aggregate pasts. My displays of information, leaning heavily on the work of Edward Tufte and Otto Neurath, are questions of aesthetic formality as well as the presumption that my audience will recognize a familiar meaning in the lines.

Accompanying the paintings are two works made during my winters in Vermont. , 3 losses is a projected video work that deals with winter snow and the daily small disappointments of attempting to hold onto something mutable. snow_leylines is an audio piece for headphones which catalogs my walk along a set path through different snow conditions. Both works relate to my near-obsessive need to record and annotate my experiences with weather as indicators of my internal climate.”


1765 S. Laflin, St
Chicago, IL 60608
Hours: Saturdays from noon-5pm or by appointment

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