Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sumi Ink Club / Lucky Dragons

Sumi Ink Club / Lucky Dragons are in Chicago the entire week and this SUNDAY AUGUST 31st at 1PM they're going to be at GOLDEN AGE! Bring your friends, brushes, brains, ears, eyes and positive attitudes to join us for this FREE lazy Sunday drawing sesh/music sesh.

Sumi Ink Club is a Los Angeles-based drawing collective founded in 2005 by Sarah Anderson and Luke Fischbeck. The group holds regular open meetings to execute topsy-turvy, detailed, collaborative drawings using ink on paper. In each of its permutations, Sumi Ink Club uses group drawing as a means to open and fortify social interactions that bleed into everyday life.

More Lucky Dragons/Sumi Ink Club info + free music downloads available @
sumi ink club
hawks and sparrows
glaciers of nice

+ Items from Sumi Ink Club/Lucky Dragons/Glaciers of Nice soon to be restocked in store and in our Webshop

1744 W 18TH ST.

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