Monday, June 01, 2009

Antonio Martinez

“Everyday Realities”
Recent works by Chicago Painter Antonio Martinez

Opening Reception June 20th from 5:00pm-10:00pm
June 20 through August 1st 2009

"Autobiographical and narrative in style Antonio explores ideas and images
related to his experiences in the plumbing industry through these recent
paintings. Believing that no art is worthy of its name unless it contains
some element of beauty, he draws his inspiration from the tangle of human
relationships commonly rooted in the every day.

The utmost human activity is collecting. A collector often keeps track of his
life through the gathering of art pieces, even when the art and the collector
approach an idea from different view points. These decisions can then later
influence generations in which they can build upon for the future."
- Walter Fydryck, Chicago

Hour d’oeuvres will be served by: David Jenson Catering 1901 S. Racine Ave. (773)456-3681

1210 W. 18th St. • Chicago, Illinois 60608
Tel. (312) 733-6132 • Fax. (312)733-6797

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