Monday, December 21, 2009

Cheat Codes: lessons in love

Cheat Codes: lessons in love
A video art show curated by Amelia Winger-Bearskin

Opening Friday January 8, 2010 from 6pm - 10pm
January 8 - February 6

A lesson in love [or, a cheat code] is a key sequence, password, or series of steps to be entered within a video art work [video game] that will provide the player some object, ability, or access to a level or location within the game that is secret, hidden, or that would have otherwise been unobtainable or unavailable to the viewer [player] [12]

Featuring work by:
Joanna Bovay
Jennie H. Bringaker
Eunjung Hwang
David Horvitz
Basim Magdy
Jason Martin
Jay Schleidt
Robert Spees
Brent Stewart
Amber Hawk Swanson
Joseph Whitt
Grant Worth

Also this month's Project Wall Space: Darina Mineva

1765 S. Laflin St.
Chicago IL 60608
antenapilsen (at)
(773) 257-3534
Hours: by appointment only

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