Sunday, January 31, 2010

“Sunday’s at Sunset” Film Series

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The “Sunday’s at Sunset” Film Series:

Presented by the "Calles y Sueños-Chicago Collective"

“Lumumba”, a film by Haitian Director Raul Peck.  February 7th, 2010

French w/ English subtitles, 115 mins. 2000

    This gripping drama depicts the true story of Patrice Emery Lumumba, the first leader of an independent Congo, whose vision of a united Africa earned him loyal allies at home and powerful enemies abroad. The movie details how the U.S. government, through the C.I.A., conspired with Belgium to have Lumumba assassinated to protect business and Cold War power interests. "Mr. Peck makes no plea for crocodile tears; his ambitions are as wide and encompassing as those of his subject.

Doors open at 6pm film start promptly at 6:15 pm

This is a special screening for all door donations will be given towards relief efforts for our Haitian sisters and brothers. There will be a presentation from the R.I.S.A (Rising In Solidarity with Ayiti) collective.

 R.I.S.A. (Rising in Solidarity with Ayiti) is a grassroots network of Chicago organizers, health workers, activists, healers, historians, youth, and artists working in solidarity with our comrades, sisters and brothers in Ayiti (Haiti) to recover from the devastating impact of the recent earthquakes and historic atrocities.  Our work is based in grassroots organizing principles and we are connected to the agricultural, artistic, humanitarian and revolutionary spirit of Ayiti.

For more information please go to or send us an email at

Upcoming films:

February 21, 2010 “Pueblos Unidos: Swine Flu, Ground Zero in Mexico”                 
Directed by Felipe Casanova and Miguel Ángel Díaz
Spanish w/English subtitles, 57 minutes, 2009

    In 1994, with the consent of the then Governor of Veracruz, the US transnational industrial pig farming company, Carroll Farms started operating in the valleys of Cofre de Perote in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. The farmers of the region thought that the company was going to bring them benefits by creating jobs but they soon became disillusioned and realized: industrial pig farms don’t bring benefits to the communities rather they contaminate the air, land and water. The farmers began to express their anger, they got organized and began to protest. In complicity with the company, the Mexican government fabricated legal claims against five members of the La Gloria community. With time, the farmers had reason for their anger: in 2009, the terrible epidemic of swine flu began in La Gloria and has now spread and threatened the entire world.  

March 21, 2010 “Te Doy Mis Ojos” (Take My Eyes)                                                                                 
Directed by Icíar Bollain                                                                                                                                 

Spanish w/ English subtitles, 106 min, 2006

    Pilar leaves her abusive husband, Antonio during the middle of winter in Toledo, Spain. She and her son, Juan go to live with her sister Ana. While supportive, Ana doesn't fully understand Pilar's situation. Pilar's mother, Aurora refuses to acknowledge the problem. Antonio is desperate to win back Pilar. He sends her constant presents and even attends therapy sessions in order to work through his anger. Meanwhile, Pilar gets a job at an art museum and tries to restart her life.

La Casa de Arte y Cultura “Calles y Sueños”~Chicago Collective
1900 South Carpenter, Chicago, Illinois 60609

Suggested Donation: $3.00 Students with ID/ $5.00 general public

If you have any questions on how to get involved or support the work of Calles y Sueños-Chicago Collective please contact us at

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