Monday, November 01, 2010

Roxaboxen Exhibitions

November 2nd - Missoula Oblongata presents "Clamlump"  8pm-10pm.  Another awesome Baltimore theater company we have the pleasure to host.

November 5th - "We Aren't Dead Yet"  A solo show of new work by Theodore (Theo) Henry.  Opening 7-10pm Nov.5

November 21st
- Pocahontas vs Predator, works by Thorne Brandt and Elisa Harkins.  Opening Nov.21st 7-10 in junction with Acre gallery opening 4-8pm. 
The art team will also give a performance Wednesday Nov. 24th at 8pm.
Pocahontas vs Predator is the first in a series of four solo shows by ACRE resident artists.  Roxaboxen Exhibitions is pleased to announce our collaboration with ACRE, a Chicago based residency program, to put together this series of four solo shows. 

All artists are presenting work created at the 2010 ACRE residency site located in central Wisconsin. This series is injunction with the ACRE Gallery solo show series that takes place every Sunday. 

The artists chosen for the Roxaboxen gallery location have an emphasis on installation and performance qualities in their work.  Each artist has a week for installation, and a week to present work in the gallery. 

Roxaboxen Exhibitions will have an opening reception from 7-10pm Nov. 21st, Dec.5th, Dec. 17th, Jan.23rd, and will offer gallery hours the Saturday following the reception from 12-3pm.

Other ACRE artists :
Dec.5 - Young Joon Kwak

Dec.17th - Brittany Ransom

January 23rd - Hyeon Jung Kim

Roxaboxen Exhibitions

2130 w 21st street
Chicago IL 60608

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