Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Trindlerschinquand: The Shed Performance

Trindlerschinquand: The Shed Performance
Five Days Cheap Manufacture
Roxaboxen Exhibitions

Over five days, Adrian Schindler and Romain Trinquand will set up a working space functioning like a building site and props factory in the back lot of Roxaboxen Exhibitions. As their own employers, the two performers will be present each day on a five hour schedule. They will progressively activate the props they create by leaving the shed and engaging the surrounding rough environment, blurring the lines between working process and performative gestures. 

Working hours:
Tuesday to Saturday: 10am-12am / 2pm-5pm

Trindlerschinquand will inaugurate the manufacture on June 6th at 7pm and close the site on June 11th at 7pm.

Trindlerschinquand is a Parisian based performance duo composed of Adrian Schindler and Romain Trinquand. Their partnership began in 2008, and they have continued to share their theatrics internationally. Their performances promote absurdity, intensity, materiality, and failure. They use their bodies as tools taken out of their usual context through raw and grotesque situations. Their performance in Chicago at Roxaboxen Exhibitions acts as a culmination of the pairs extended visit to the states.

Roxaboxen Exhibitions
2130 W 21st Street
Chicago IL 60608

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