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Prima Sakuntabhai @Cobalt Studio/ Reception Friday, March 2nd 6-9pm

Prima Sakuntabhai 

Friday, March 2nd
Cobalt Studio
1950 W. 21st St, Storefront
*Right off of Pink Line Damen Stop

Sculpture/Installation/Photography work by 
Prima Sakuntabhai, March 2012

The Mayan temple of Chichen Itza in Mexico is one of the examples of ancient constructions which strove to render a perceptive experience. During the spring and the autumn solstice, the sun casts a form of a serpent on the steps leading to the top of the pyramid. Mathematics and engineering serve the religious purpose of provoking awe.

21st century Chicago, a widely-spread urban architecture of parking lots also
becomes a field of experimentations with perception. The Traders Self Park on Wells
Street, facing the Willis Tower, is composed of two identical buildings linked on the
4th floor by a bridge.
The particular location offers, not the view of the landmark
tower but a construction site that marks the end of the Loop. It is scaled, not to
human but to vehicles, an uninhabited space whose function is only at the service
of technology. It epitomizes the metropolis culture that has developed since the
urbanization imposing a structural similitude between major cities.

The locations or sites, whether actual or imaginative offer parallel constructions
which distort a former view of the space. I either borrow the architectural
vocabulary or create an incision into the space of what is balanced, ordered,
constructed by subverting objects such as tires or mirrors.

My concern for rational, scientific questionings, rendered physical through art
forms may relate to the fact that having no homeland, drifting between Thailand,
England, France and now the United States of America, I seek not diversity but
unity that holds Mankind, a common drive of humanity. In the mental construction
of geometrical space, Man appropriates it for himself and takes profit to build
spaces for his own purposes. At the same time, vehicles, from cars to trains are the
expression of a profound desire to breach the distance in a territory that do not
match his scale. They say that the 20th century has been about the conquest of space
and the 21st century concerns itself with time.
PRIMA (Primsuda Sakuntabhai) 13th March 1989, Bangkok. Studies at the School of
the Arts Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.

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