Friday, May 01, 2015

WALPURGISNACHT: Drawings & Prints by Raeleen Kao, Vanessa DellaMorte, & Liz Born

Cobalt Studio is pleased to present WALPURGISNACHT: Drawings and Prints by Raeleen Kao, Vanessa DellaMorte, and Liz Born. The Witchcraft-inspired exhibition is a culmination of three distinct practices, ranging from hyper-detailed works on paper to large-scale fabric installation. Celebrate spring with a very special demonic invocation featuring cake, libations, and live music by HOMME. 

WALPURGISNACHT is a night marked by the convergence of witches in the Brocken, the highest peak of the Harz mountain range in Germany. Historically, Walpurgisnacht was observed by lighting large bonfires and burning rag and straw witch effigies in order to ward off the overhead passing of witches on their way to the sabbath. Modern observances of Walpurgisnacht are held throughout Europe and Scandinavia with large public gatherings of bonfires and dancing. Because it falls on the eve of May Day, the celebration of Walpurgisnacht is often associated with the coming of Spring.

RAELEEN KAO is a printmaking nerd, hermetic corpse, aspiring gattara, and amateur competitive eater AKA glutton. Her spirit animal is a black pangolin of plague and pestilence.

VANESSA DELLAMORTE is a Chicago native and cult survivor. She narrowly escaped becoming a fourth generation funeral director when she turned down mortuary school and found solace in the print studio. While screenprinting has become her specialty process, she is driven by experimentation with new techniques and collaborations with artists of diverse backgrounds.

LIZ BORN s a Chicago-based printmaker, curator, and teaching artist. Her woodcuts feature a handful of characters, archetypal and mammalian, confronting themselves during acts of eating, birthing, and self-contemplation.

COBALT STUDIO is an artist run alternative exhibition/project space in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. The name refers to blue-collar/working class status. We exhibit work by emerging artists and experimental art collectives, as well as invite guest curators that share our vision. Our mission is to present contemporary practices that are relevant and engaging to our community. 

This event is part of Art First Fridays in Pilsen

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