Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Antena @ Bridge Art Fair Miami Beach

Antena @ Bridge Art Fair Miami Beach
December 4-7, 2008

Following its enormous critical and commercial successes in 2006 and 2007, Bridge is pleased to announce our third installment in Miami Beach. Held at both the Catalina and Maxine Hotels, Bridge Miami leads the South Beach satellite art market, located a mere two blocks from Art Basel. Visitors can browse nearly 80 rooms of the freshest and most innovative works in international emerging and contemporary art.

Arguably the largest convergence of contemporary art and design takes place during Art Basel Miami in this annual, star-studded, citywide celebration of new art internationalism. Consistently a muscular destination market, Miami shows absolutely no signs of stopping, and continues to astound as far and beyond the top-performing art-fair circuit in the United States.

The Catalina and Maxine Hotels
1732 Collins Avenue
Miami, Florida


Room #201

Artists exhibiting with Antena:
Edra Soto
Gisela Insuaste
Gretel Garcia
Huong Ngo
Jaime Mendoza
Jesus Oviedo
Miguel Cortez
Saul Aguirre

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Growing Up CAD 2008 Fundraiser Exhibition
Saturday November 15, 2008: 6PM-10PM
Exhibition Preview: 2nd Friday November 14th, 6PM-10PM
@ Chicago Art Department, 1837 S. Halsted, Chicago IL 60608

On Saturday November 15, 2008 the Chicago Art Department (CAD) will celebrate its 5th birthday with the Growing Up CAD 2008 Fundraiser and Exhibition. This event will feature an exhibition of work from CAD’s resident artists, former students, and friends in the community, representing a sampling of some of Chicago’s most exciting new and emerging artists. The work will open for silent auction during the ‘2nd Fridays’ gallery opening on Friday, November 14th and will conclude at the fundraiser event the following night on Saturday, November 15th.

The Saturday fundraiser will celebrate our first five years, during which the Chicago Art Department has produced over fifty exhibitions, offered close to twenty programs, and served over one hundred new and emerging artists. What started as a small project in the South Loop loft of three college art instructors has in five short years become a pillar in the Pilsen art community.

In 2007, The Chicago Art Department became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission of supporting new and emerging artists. In the past year CAD has offered free programs such as a Heroes themed class, Photo Projects, Novel Design, and a DJ’ing class. So far this year, CAD has two featured programs planned. The first is a theme-based class called “200 Lincolns” which celebrates Abraham Lincoln’s upcoming 200th birthday with 200 Lincoln portraits. The second offering is an exchange program that will see participants travel to another city to curate an exhibition, and then turn over CAD to the chosen city’s artists to do the same. The program offers its participants a chance to explore and research art in cities throughout the US and internationally.

CAD’s major initiative however is to develop its fledgling artist residency program. The program is unique among artist residencies in that it is not only about developing individual artistic practices, but also about encouraging artists to make community participation and growth an integral part of their practice. In the tradition of past classes and programs, CAD residents are expected to develop and lead their own art programs as well as develop work for a solo exhibition. “When you get to year five, you start thinking about how you might continue to grow, says co-founder Nat Soti. “I believe developing new leaders in our program is key. That’s what our residency program is about. ”

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Time Lapse: a video art group show

Time Lapse:
A video art group show curated by Amelia Winger-Bearskin

Works by:
Bidzina Kanchaveli
Joseph Winchester
Leanneau White
Arthur Augustynowicz
Robert Milton

and more...

Opening Friday November 21, 2008
from 6pm-10pm
November 21 - December 20

Time Lapse is last in a series of four exhibitions: Time Travelers, Time Machine, Time Lapse, and Time Lapse: Antena, curated by Amelia Winger-Bearskin. Time Travelers, was shown at Polvo in Chicago, 2007; Time Machine in Washington DC at Meat Market Gallery this past summer; Time Lapse in Nashville, Tn at Vanderbilt University and Time Lapse: Antenna will be shown in the same Chicago space where the project began bringing us back in time to the beginning.

Time Lapse is single channel video art show; all videos are displayed through a single projector one after another in the style of film screenings and time-lapse photography. Time unfolds and is captured systematically by an optical lens and/or digital media, the subjects of the videos are often overlapping, there is not an intimate knowing but a careful study of sequence, there are also holes, lapses and mistakes, there are doubts in the work.

And while it may appear obvious to time travelers that there need only be ONE time based art show for travelers to coordinate their time machines to that exact date and place, no time traveling devices were detected at the first show and the subsequent efforts have been made to make sure there is progress in this time space continuum while leaving open the idea that once this information is recorded it will likely be changed by the time travelers, machines and lapses who frequent these events from a future and past date in "time".

Amelia Winger-Bearskin is a Video/Performance Artists who is currently teaching at Vanderbilt University, Nashville Tn in the areas of Video, Performance and Drawing. She is a featured artists for the Perpetual Art Machine [PAM] and is currently creating solo video and installation works about Andrew Jackson and his home in Nashville Tn. She is also currently working on a new series of video art curations in the near future.