Friday, November 19, 2010


Please join us for the Pilsen Holiday Art Sale and Tianguis (Market) featuring 30 + independent and local artists and crafters displaying and selling their art. Select from original paintings, prints, unique clothing and fashion, ceramics, jewelry, DIY handmade crafts, cards, plush toys, screen printed t-shirts, zines, comics, free trade Latin American goods and handicraft.

LIVE MUSIC by the group JARO CHICANOS, traditional Mexican food, delicious baked goods provided by Bella Nor pastries and Casa Girl Cupcakes. And a book and literature section by Contratiempo literary cultural magazine.

Participating artists include:
•Naomi Martínez,
•Nachieli Macias,
•Chema Skndl,
•Jeff Abbey Maldonado,
•Patty Peixoto,
•Roberto Valadez,
•Norbella Peña, Jaclin Paul,
•Caroline Paul,
•Roberto Ferreyra,
•Esperanza Gama,
•Benjamin Anaya,
•Mary Schumann,
•Monique Moreno,
•Casa Girl Cupcakes
•Cristal Alcalá,
•Jean Parisi,
•Omar Valencia,
•Nicole Marroquin,
•Angela Scalisi,
•Hilesh Patel,
•La Fee Brune,
•Patricia Bakle,
•Mary Miller,
•Celia Ruiz,
•Susana Aguilar,
•Contratiempo Magazine,
•Emma Bottari,
•Patrick Patterson,
•Adriana Baltazar,
•Antonio Martínez,
•Laura Vergara,
•Diana Solís,
•Sal Vega,
•Ruben Aguilar.

Saturday, December 11-12 from 12:00pm - 7:00pm

Casa Juan Diego
2020 S. Blue Island Ave.
Chicago, IL

Monday, November 15, 2010

La Neta Art Sale and La Neta del Planeta Party!

come to pilsen’s: la neta art sale

November 20-21, noon – 8 pm

and la neta del planeta party:
Saturday, November 20 at 8:00pm - November 21 at 12:00am
with music by killer diller

featuring woodwork, ceramics, paintings, books, jewelry, knitted and crocheted items and more by members of el stitch y bitch, nuco, kate pszotka, mando "el chucky" velazquez, tom goodell, patricia carlos, naomi "monstrochika" martinez, proyecto latina, becky meyer, oxala gallery, nazcaluna, jerry carrillo, desiree castro and others

the tenant gallery (formerly the beer run gallery)
1104 w. 18th st chicago, il 60608


Come and enjoy the work of Hector Duarte, Kathleen Judge, Duk Ju L Kim, Antonio Martinez, Eber Palomares, John Salhus, Gabriel Villa, Patrick Willi and Melody Williams

Friday, November 19 · 6:00pm - 10:00pm

1950 W 21st Street

Monday, November 01, 2010

Roxaboxen Exhibitions

November 2nd - Missoula Oblongata presents "Clamlump"  8pm-10pm.  Another awesome Baltimore theater company we have the pleasure to host.

November 5th - "We Aren't Dead Yet"  A solo show of new work by Theodore (Theo) Henry.  Opening 7-10pm Nov.5

November 21st
- Pocahontas vs Predator, works by Thorne Brandt and Elisa Harkins.  Opening Nov.21st 7-10 in junction with Acre gallery opening 4-8pm. 
The art team will also give a performance Wednesday Nov. 24th at 8pm.
Pocahontas vs Predator is the first in a series of four solo shows by ACRE resident artists.  Roxaboxen Exhibitions is pleased to announce our collaboration with ACRE, a Chicago based residency program, to put together this series of four solo shows. 

All artists are presenting work created at the 2010 ACRE residency site located in central Wisconsin. This series is injunction with the ACRE Gallery solo show series that takes place every Sunday. 

The artists chosen for the Roxaboxen gallery location have an emphasis on installation and performance qualities in their work.  Each artist has a week for installation, and a week to present work in the gallery. 

Roxaboxen Exhibitions will have an opening reception from 7-10pm Nov. 21st, Dec.5th, Dec. 17th, Jan.23rd, and will offer gallery hours the Saturday following the reception from 12-3pm.

Other ACRE artists :
Dec.5 - Young Joon Kwak

Dec.17th - Brittany Ransom

January 23rd - Hyeon Jung Kim

Roxaboxen Exhibitions

2130 w 21st street
Chicago IL 60608



Opening reception: Saturday 6-9 pm, November 6th, 2010
November 6, 2010 - December 11, 2010

1716 S Morgan #2F Chicago, IL 60608

Private viewings by appointment*
 *The performance by Andy Positive and His Dissonant Riders will begin at 8:00pm during the opening reception. 

Now that we've got all of that meta-BEN RUSSELL one-year anniversary action out of the way, it's time to move onto the real order of business - we're talking NURSES (of course), and what better way to honor the memory all of those post-Halloween Sexy Nurse / Sexy Florence Nightingale costumes than with a group art show that will care for you in your moment of ill health?  We've seen you sniffling on the train, sneezing at the zoo, and staying in bed on Election Day - we saw you hit your head with your bass guitar while performing in a Nirvana cover band last night, and we know that the 8-year old in you is still in need of sustenance.

This almost-always recession-cusp-of-the-everyday is apparently unrelenting, and most of can't afford Japanese Robonurses to carry our stricken selves from bed to bed to bed.  It's in times like this that the soothing, comforting, and occasionally lactating powers of art can be called upon to heal us - BEN RUSSELL : NURSES stands as proof that artists are the new clinicians, that apartment spaces are their temporary free clinics...

And so: when you find yourself multiplied and contorted and devouring your own flesh (DONNER), let us dress your wounds.  When you have been beaten upon and pounded into like the skins of so many heavy metal drum heads (POSITIVE), let us put a salve upon your bruises.  BEN RUSSELL : NURSES is art for the body - let us be your healthcare professional!

Like the memory-image of battlefield matrons conjured up through the smell of fresh oil paint (HOFFMAN) or a jellyfish-shaped monument to bodily fluids (FAIN) or the hand of God descending upon your weary frame while a Madonna song echoes through those dark nights (CIOCCI), BEN RUSSELL : NURSES is art for the soul - make an appointment now and avail yourself of our metaphoric health care setting! 


JACOB CIOCCI is most notably known as one third of the American art collective Paper Rad. In his videos, performances, collages, and net art Jacob deals with the relationship between popular technology, popular culture, and contemporary American pathos. He has performed and exhibited at a variety of venues including the New Museum and MOMA in New York, Tate Britain, and most recently the TBA festival in Portland, Oregon and the Penrith National Gallery in Australia.

CHRISTA DONNER uses a variety of drawing-based media and small-press projects to examine the human body and our relationships to it through physical sensation and imagination. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including exhibitions at the Museum Bellerive (Zurich, Switzerland), BankART NYK (Yokohama, Japan), Centro Columbo Americano (Medellin, Columbia), Kravets-Wehby (New York, NY), and POST (Los Angeles, CA). 

BEN FAIN is best known for his large-scale public performances and parades.  He received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2008 and is an alumnus of the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Most recently Ben (with Uncle Merril Ferris, an expert on the Mayan calendar), transformed the Miami Lotus House Thrift Store truck into a parade float/mediation center based on an ancient South Indian practice and lead small groups in short meditations focused on the power of community.

PETER HOFFMAN is a Chicago based artist who primarily works with oil paint on canvas.  He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2004, and studied at the Marchutz School of Painting in Aix-en-Provence, France in 2006.  Hoffman has exhibited in numerous Chicago venues including Heaven Gallery, Green Lantern Gallery, Harold Washington College, Old Gold, mini-dutch, Hyde Park Art Center, and has been featured in multiple national and international group exhibitions.

ANDY POSITIVE AND HIS DISSONANT RIDERS "are from mind's eye from Mosinee and western Massachusetts.  Andy with some help from the Beard, from western Massachusetts, works in the public field explaining corporate procedures and Andy is a history collector of the blues (the Blue Riders).  We play in order for unity, not to be hard really but more because I don't get do this very often " - Andy Positive

BEN RUSSELL is an art space in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago.  Co-curated by artists Brandon Alvendia and Ben Russell and situated around the front two rooms in the apartment of its namesake, BEN RUSSELL began presenting a series of month-long 5-person shows on Memorial Day Weekend in the year 2009.  Participating artists are invited to produce and exhibit work that is in accordance with the title/theme of each show, the name of which will be derived entirely from the 10 letters in the words "ben russell."  Future shows may include BEN RUSSELL : LENS, BEN RUSSELL : REBELS, and BEN RUSSELL : US.  In keeping with the structural conceits of the French Oulipo language group and the spatial and material limits of what is effectively a rented apartment, BEN RUSSELL maintains a strict set of restrictions for all exhibiting artists by which:

- One artist shall produce a wall-mounted work scaled at a minimum of three quarters of the thirteen by ten foot wall.
- One artist shall produce a wall-mounted work at a maximum of one half of the opposing wall space between the two adjacent doors.
- One artist shall produce a time-based work to be presented via a CRT flat screen monitor (and associated components) with Dolby 5.1 audio in the adjacent screening room.
- One artist shall produce work to be installed in the all-weather sculpture garden.
- One artist shall produce work to be performed for the duration of 15-30 minutes during the opening.

BEN RUSSELL features a rotating roster of Chicago-based and non-Chicago-based artists and will be open for viewings one night a month and by appointment, as needed.