Tuesday, December 05, 2006

an evening of films created by Shikshantar Andolan

Join Twine for an evening at Polvo, "Re-membering Nai Taleem".., an evening of films created by Shikshantar Andolan, The Peoples Institute for Rethinking Education and Development. This is an abbreviated version of the full festival, which is happening concurrently in India.

Friday: December 15th: 7:15pm

We hope that these films can invigorate our ideas about education.


  • Mera Atma Shikshak, Mera Karma
    Director: Vidhi Jain, Pravin Pagare, Tushar Kulkarni, Pannalal Patel
    Length: 68 minutes
    Language: Hindi With English Subtitles

    This film takes us into a profound conversation with Dayalchand Soni, a Gandhian educational thinker. Soni's wisdom challenges us to rethink some of our most basic assumptions around education while deepening our understanding of the possibilities that lie in nai taleem.

  • Children Being In the World
    Director: Amit, Manish, Jinan KB
    Length: 5 minutes
    Language: Music with English subtitles

    This Film explores natural learning ecologies of children living in non-letterate communities in India. What have we lost by distancing ourselves from Nature? How can we remember our biological instinct for learning?

  • Colors of Devotion
    Director: Suny Gandhrva and Ramawtar Singh
    Length: 28minutes
    Language: Hindi with English subtitles

    For hundreds of years, In The town of Nathdwara, Rajastan there has lived a community of artists connected to the temple of Shreenathji. Generation after generation has devoted itself to the Pichhwai art form. Now this learning community is struggling to keep the essence of its art alive in the face of modernity. Their experiences can help broaden our visions of education.

  • Cycle Yatra
    Length: 5minutes
    Language: music with English subtitles

    A group of friends travels on bicycles in Mewar, Rajastan India for one week using no money.

    Discussion and Response: We would love to hear your stories of integrated learning and we aim to create a spontaneous and informal response video to mail back to Shikshantar as a kind of exchange.

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