Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Flowershop in Pilsen!

Feb. 9th @ the flowershop

BUSKER presents:
LAMBSBREAD (from Ohio)
LOCRIAN (my duo)


2159 West 21st Place (at Leavitt St.)
Chicago, IL 60608
9:00 PM
Suggested Donation $6.00
All Ages (as it should be)

"Lambsbread hail from Delaware, Ohio, just far enough outside of Columbus to make a difference in how they do things. This free-noise-rock trio delivers terse, intensely stoned-out yet urgently shadowy, snowballing sets that are built out of a miasma of malicious twin guitars and complex, often very un-rock drums. Freshly back from the Thurston Moore curated All Tomorrow's Party festival in England, as well as a hit and run European tour, expect the band to be in top form. And if they are not, someone will surely help them get there."

"Locrian entrance the listener with their familiar keyboard and guitar drones, building up to intense points where increasingly forceful vocal murmurs enter the dynamic mix --- reaching an apex where beats may be introduced, and where heavier, more metallic guitar riffs, as well as caustic shoegazer sparkles, flex their way out of the shimmering mix"

Jason Soliday + Mark Solotroff:
"In previous collaborative performances, Jason Soliday has utilized the feedback-laden, raw vocal mix from Mark Solotroff's numerous screeching microphones, sculpting and augmenting the extreme frequencies sent into his bank of manipulative electronics. Up against a full bill of deconstructed rock, Soliday is threatening to bring a stringed instrument to the party, but he just cannot be trusted, can he? In an case, expect some high highs and some low lows."

"With a name that calls to mind excesses, and multiple excesses at that, Binges are a sonic appetite that shred, strip and tear elements of song and toss them glistening on a grill of malleted skin. Anthony Decanini wrenches steaks of disembodied noise from bass loops, tape interjections, and vocal caterwaul, while barefoot and punishing Chris Robert herds them home with impeccably mis-timed drummadocio. You
should eat." - Evan Woodward


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