Saturday, June 23, 2007

Antonio Martinez @ Prospectus Gallery

A one man exhibition by Chicago
painter Antonio Martinez

June 29th through August 4th 2007

Opening Reception June 29th

“Everything in life is a risk.”
Antonio Martinez, Chicago

Antonio was born in July of 1978, in Chicago, Illinois where he currently lives. His work is influenced by urban life experiences and a connection to his Mexican-American Heritage.

Inspiration for his work is drawn from the tangle of human relationships remaining commonly rooted in the world of the every day. Autobiographical and narrative in style his aim is to express human feelings and to assert human values, believing that no art is worthy of its name unless it contains some element of beauty.

Hour d’oeuvres will be served and parking will be available.

1210 W. 18th St.
Chicago, Illinois 60608
Tel. (312) 733-6797

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