Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stop Global Warming Pollution in Pilsen/Little Village!

Concerned about the impending crisis of global warming? Notice a lot of pollution and related health problems like asthma in your neighborhood?
Wondering when Illinois, the 6th-largest polluter in the country, will clean up its act and protect our communities and planet?

Come to a Town Hall Meeting with leaders from Pilsen and the Little Village to learn more about global warming pollution and what our local and state leaders are doing to stop it! The time to act is NOW!

Tuesday, December 4th
7 PM
Rudy Lozano Library in Pilsen (18th St and S. Blue Island Ave)

Global warming is happening, and unless we act fast and act TOGETHER, the planet we leave for the next generation could be in pretty bad shape. Promoting clean energy and energy efficiency will seriously reduce the air pollution that now harms our health today. It will also create jobs and improve the economy!

If you are really concerned, get involved-- write a letter to the editor and/or help organize! Contact Emily at (312) 386-1043 or for opportunities to help out. Even if you only have an hour or two, it would be most appreciated!

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Unknown said...

Let's start small and get my neighbors to stop leaving their beer bottles all over the street and sidewalk first, and then work our way up to global warming...