Thursday, August 25, 2011

SPLAY @ Roxaboxen

Opening Reception: Friday August 26th 7-10pm 
August 26th - September 18thgallery hours Saturday 12-3pm

Roxaboxen Exhibitions presents:

: An International group exhibition that explores sexuality as a platform for self-reflexivity. Through painting sculpture, video, performance and site specific installation, each artist questioned her/his own subjectivity in the face of her/his desires.  How do we understand ourselves in the flesh in the midst of the digital, where personalities and bodies are framed for market consumption, singles networks and virtual cruising? Who is the real subject? Do we elude even ourselves as the subjects of our experiences, instead in the substituting or superimposing the fulfillment of fantasy over personal satisfaction? SPLAY is an exhibition that opens up a dialogue about the place of real pleasure within the manifold real and imagined identification of sexual identity.  The work in Splay is a proposition to the the viewer as the artists attempt to be seen and satiated at the risk of alienation, rejection, or humiliation.  What results is a subversive play (s-play) insinuating the viewer as a participant, voyeur or longed-for other.  

Artist: Madeleine Baily (Chicago), Steven Frost (Chicago), Yasi Ghanbari (Chicago), Elise Goldstein (Antwerp, BE), Rachel Lowther (Glasglow, UK), Ivan Lozano (Chicago), Brian Maller (NY), Alison Rhoades (Grenoble, France), Tessa Siddle (San Francisco), Fritz Welch (Glasglow, UK), Synvia Whitney (Seattle)

Roxaboxen Exhibitions
2130 W 21st Street
Chicago IL 60608

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