Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The First Annual Pilsen Coaster Show

The First Annual Pilsen Coaster Show
A One Night Only exhibition of Artist Inspired Coasters

Saturday, June 4, 2011
5pm – 10pm

The artists in this exhibit re-purpose the ubiquitous bar coaster into highly personalized works of art. Using the artist trading card as the springboard for the concept of the show, over 25 artists have created a set of miniature art works which will be traded and sold.

Participating artists include Patricia Acosta, Saul Aguirre, Beatriz Badikian, Adriana Baltazar, Jyl Bonaguro, Patricia Carlos, Inara Cedrins, Miguel Cortez, Tigerlily Cross, Len Dominguez, Erick Garcia, Gregorio Gomez, James Jankowiak, Antonio Martinez, Naomi Martinez, Bert Menco, Esmeralda Morales, Antonio Pazaran, Jean Parisi, Caroline Paul, Jaclin Paul, Mary Patton, Patty Peixoto, Anne Redich, Chema Skandal, Angela Scalisi, Diana Solis, Omar Valencia, Mariko Ventura, Laura Vergara, Rebecca Wolfram. 

Carlos and Dominguez Fine Art Gallery
1538 W. Cullerton Street
Chicago, IL 60608

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