Thursday, June 06, 2013

REBIRTH: Every Act of Creation Is First An Act Of Destruction

ARCHER LOFT Presents - REBIRTH: Every Act of Creation Is First An Act Of Destruction

Opening Saturday June 8th, 2013 from 7pm-2am

Influenced by Picasso’s quote, “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” Archer Loft brings you “Rebirth”, a celebration of the theme as reinterpreted by fellow artists and creatives from all walks of life and genres.

Whether taken literally, symbolically or creatively, rebirth is a choice of eliminating that which is no longer necessary in our lives and our work to make room for the essentials of our own ultimate truths. Who am I? What represents my identity? What is the message I’m trying to convey? These are some our core questions we face everyday in our creative process. In order to bring forth our true selves, we must first let go of that which is no longer working and thus awaken the spirit of creativity free from mental blocks, raised walls and obstructive barriers. Therefore, in order to create we must first destroy that which holds us captive; we must die so that we may live.

Archer Loft, located in Bridgeport and formerly known as 2ND FLR Gallery, from Pilsen, will now showcase underground art shows. We are eliminating the monthly art opening model and holding only guerilla creative events. Join us as we celebrate our kick-off show curated by Arno Mayorga and interpreted through the eyes of 20 + artists.

Sponsors: Cerveza INDIO
Caterer: Cateration by Desiree Lucero


Saul Aguirre
Miguel Cortez
Daiv Whaley
Diana Leviton Gondek
Marcelo Eli
Darrell Roberts
Jonathan Cernak
Kristi Posival
Julian E Williams
Yira Palacios
Yuri Juarez
Frank Juarez
Tiffany Gholar
Henry Edward Castro
John Salhus
Diane Ponder
Annie Heckman
Duk Ju L Kim
Jorge Zavala
Jan Pieter Fokkens
Pablo Otavalo

3012 South Archer Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608

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